Flat Roof Solutions (Low Slope)


With so many different roofing options, how do you choose?

Flat and low slope roofing is great for businesses that want a reflective, low-maintenance, and affordable roofing solution. These roofs are also easily accessible, allowing for quick access to HVAC units or other rooftop systems. If you are seeking a professional team to repair your low slope roof, let DMD Commercial Roofing walk you through the many flat roof solutions we offer.

Built-Up Roof (BUR) – The traditional flat roof repair is built from three or more piles of waterproof material alternated with hot tar and grounded by a layer of asphalt or stone. The gravel used is an excellent fire retardant and BUR roofing systems are usually the most cost-effective of all the roofing options.

Modified Bitumen – Applied as a roll of material, it can be adhered in several ways. Seams are melted together which helps stops leaks at the weakest point in any roof. Rated against wind, fire, and hail, it’s unlikely you would need to fix your roof after a storm. This is a great option for flat or low-slope roofs when used with 2 or 3-ply material.

Rubber Membrane – Also called EPDM, this coating is great for irregular roofs that have issues with leaks at joints and edges. With its weather resistant properties, the ability to expand with the changing building in temperature changes makes rubber roofing a great option. With two color choices, the energy savings in cooling is around 30%.

We know there’s a lot of information out there, but we are here to help you make the best decision that fits your needs and budget.

Metal – To restore the beauty of your original metal roof, simply re-coat it. Not only will this save you time and money, it is also great for the environment. DMD uses a seamless membrane along all openings to ensure a leak-free seal.

Single-Ply Membrane – Factory made, these rolls of thermoplastic membrane material are applied easily over large, flat roofs. The ability to apply this material all year round makes it an appealing option when a roof needs to be fixed quickly.

With so many flat roof choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. For years, DMD Commercial Roofing has been the voice for local businesses and their roofing solutions. We can help you make an educated decision on which roofing system is best for your commercial building and budget. Give us a call today to get started!

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